Aligning Retirement Plans with QDIA Solutions


Risk Considerations


Saving Adequacy


Other Potential Retirement Income


Participant Behavior


Age/Time Horizon

How do your plan demographics influence QDIA suitability?

Fiduciaries are required to act in the best interest of plan participants—but what type of QDIA is suitable given the unique needs of each plan’s participants? Participant demographics in every retirement plan are different. Use QDIA Sync to evaluate the 5 aspects of your plan’s demographics and generate a report that provides a suitable QDIA solution, risk profile and investment characteristics.

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When selecting an appropriate investment objective for defaulted participants it’s most important to consider:

What point along the following spectrum best reflects your defaulted participant’s risk/reward profile? More Info

What is the initial default contribution rate for participants that are automatically enrolled in your plan? More Info

1% >6%

If your plan includes a non-voluntary automatic escalation clause, at what rate does the escalation cease? More Info

N/A >12%

What is the maximum employer-sourced contribution rate (e.g., full employer match and/or profit sharing contribution)? More Info

N/A >6%

Do the majority of plan participants have access to a defined benefit plan?

What is the likelihood that your participants have or will have accumulated a significant amount of retirement assets outside of their employer-sponsored plan(s)? More Info

Relative to the general population, how would you describe the level of participant turnover your plan has experienced?

Do your participants tend to take lump sum distributions at termination of employment? More Info

Which statement best describes the action you expect your participants to take when they reach retirement age?

At what age do you expect the majority of your participants to retire?


Please provide the age distribution of your participants.

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  • %
  • %
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Which age group best represents the average age of your participants?

Congratulations and thank you for completing all five steps. Based on your responses, we suggest:

A suite of Target Date Funds with a growth-oriented glide path design.

Please complete the following short form to create your free customized due dilligence report.

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For more information on choosing the right QDIA plan for you, get your free copy of The QDIA Decision by Fred Reish, Jeff Coons, and Bruce Ashton.

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